The workshop gives an Overview and Practical Simulated Exercises of the Necessary Skills, Technology, and Industry Requirements. Safe Working Procedures play a very important role during the Marine Operations of Jack Up's and other Rigs, and the choice of design of the AHT’s, AHTSV's, the procedures and connections need to be well considered and calculated too.

This course will also provide a practical knowledge of the technologies especially pertaining to Moving & Towing, Dry Tow of Jack Up's, other Rigs and Semisubmersibles, Ocean Transit, Field Tow, Final Positioning, with Tugs and Anchored Manoeuvring and Final Installation, Including Anchor Handling, Safety at Sea, Warranty Surveyors role and Contingency Planning.


• Introducing the latest Guidelines and Procedures for Moving Jack Up's and other Rigs safely
• Identify the challenges for Rig Move, Towing, Dry Tow, AHTS, Anchor Handling and Jacking Operations
• Introduce practical tools to perform calculations in the operational fields, including rules of thumb
• Monitor stability during Rig Move, Towing, AHTS, Anchor Handling and Jacking Operations
• Interaction between the towline force, direction of the force, connection point and propulsion power
• Analyse the anchor wire catenary including calculations
• Tow wire behaviour including Certification and approval
• Improve and understand safety and equipment handling
• Learn skills on deck and awareness (on the hazards) emergency and precaution measures
• HAZID/HAZOP tools to prepare HAZID and HAZOP meetings
• Soil GEO Considerations for the Final Installation of Jack Up's
• Jacking Operations Theory and Practical Hands-on Simulator including RPV and RPD Calculations
• How to Jack and Manage High RPD's safely
• Marine Insurance and Warranty Surveying
• Weather Forecasting, Time Frame and Limitations of AHTSV's and Tow


The course is designed for Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind farm Operators, Vessel Owners and Shipbuilders and Mobile Offshore Unit Builders who are involved in all these operations, primarily aimed at:
• Barge Masters
• Barge Engineers
• Ballast Controlroom Operators
• Jacking Operators and Helpers
• Deck Crew, Seamen and AB's
• Field Managers and Superintendents
• Marine Operations Managers
• Marine Superintendents and Supervisors
• Marine Engineers
• Captains, Masters and Marine Officers
• AHT and AHTSV Deck Leaders
• HSE Management and Staff
• Offshore Emergency Response Teams to the Oil & Gas industry
• AHTSV Project Managers and other office related personel
• Oil Rig Project Managers and other related personel
• Naval Architects
• Marine Representatives
• Offshore Installation Managers


SGD 4,495 per delegate (Classroom Training)

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