This masterclass is uniquely designed for you to gain a successful edge in your commercial trading activities. You will be guided through complex issues relating to Bills of Lading, its endorsement, enforcement, and discrepancies and the underlying rationale behind different types of charter parties, case law, the reason why the law and practice appears to be moving in a particular direction and how it is likely to respond to changing circumstances and industry stresses.

A unique opportunity to expand your knowledge about the Bill of Lading, its major functions and relationship with the charter party including incorporation of charter party terms into the bill of lading. You will learn about the various representations in the bill of lading including the liabilities of the parties to the contract, both in contract and/or tort. The relationship between the bill of lading, charter party, sale contract and the letter of credit will be discussed with supporting authorities.

The importance of the international regulations like the Hague, Hague-Visby rules and their impact will be discussed along with the duties and rights of the carrier and any exclusions and limitations to his liability. This four-day masterclass will further provide you with an opportunity to explore key clauses related to the rights and obligations of the parties to the contract of carriage. The process and practical solutions to litigious issues like correction, cancellation and switching of bills will be explained. These concepts and principles will be supported and discussed using relevant case laws and practical case studies.


• Expand your knowledge of both the commercial and legal functions of a bill of lading
• Learn about the common ‘labels’ attached to bill of lading and its relationship with a sale contract
• Explore practical concerns regarding issue, enforcement of bill of lading and delivery of cargo to the rightful holder of the bill of lading
• Analyse the importance and impact of Hague, Hague-Visby Rules, COGSA 71 and 92
• Understand the functions and use of documentary credits and related rules (UCP 600)
• Learn about shipowners and charterers rights and obligations under both voyage and time charter parties
• Explore the Dispute Resolution Mechanisms available to you in case of a claim


• Supply, Trading and Risk Management Departments in Shipping Companies
• Commercial and Operations Departments in the Shipping Affiliates or Divisions of Major Oil & Bulk Operators
• Ports & Ship Owning Companies
• Planning and Financial Departments of Shipping Companies
• Banks and Financial Institutions involved in Shipping Finance
• Accountants and Legal firms dealing with Commodity Transportation Issues
• Trading and Distribution Companies
• Anybody else new to the transportation sector


SGD 4,995 per delegate (Classroom Training)
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