Markets are becoming increasingly risky as fluctuations in freight rates and ship prices have increased substantially in recent years. This calls for prudent control of freight rates, ship values, bunker price, credit, foreign exchange and interest rate risks, which are all part of the shipping investment and day to day operating activities.

This course is delivered over two days by an expert in the areas of shipping and commodity risk management. Using a variety of real life examples, the course demonstrates how risk can affect cash flows from operating activities along with an in-depth analysis of theoretical and practical aspects of risk management instruments in Freight Trading. By attending this course, participants will learn how to analyse and measure the impact of financial risks involved in their business and operations, and how to select and execute effective strategies to minimize or eliminate such risks, stabilize their cash flow and maximize the return on investment more efficiently.


• Understand the history, principles and use of FFAs, its applications and how they work in managing risks
• Benefit from the understanding of supply and demand and the fundamentals of physical freight market
• Learn how to calculate freight rates and value at risk
• Master freight negotiations
• Know your freight positions & exposure and their roles in trading decisions
• Apply FFA to cover exposures and learn strategies for ship owners, charterers, and traders
• Develop a clear understanding of the exchange and clearing house process under the new regulations, swaps to futures transition and its implications


• Ship Owners
• Charterers
• CFOs and Finance Managers
• Risk & Portfolio Managers
• Dry Bulk Traders
• Commodity Traders
• Fund Hedgers
• Commodity Financers
• Investment Banks
• FFA Brokers


SGD 3,645 per delegate (Classroom training)

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