LPG is used all over the world for more than a thousand different reasons; in business, industry and domestic use; in farming and power generation; for cooking, eating and leisure. It is probably the world’s most multi-purpose energy source. It is relied on by millions of businesses and families throughout the world.
It is cleaner than coal and oil. It is an alternative to gasoline. It is much friendlier for air pollution and carbon emissions.
In a shipping context it is important for two reasons – as a cargo, and as a marine fuel.
This workshop will focus on the two main types of charter party by which it is carried at sea – time charters and voyage charters. We will go through the important areas of each charter party and compare them to see which is more suitable for a particular use. We will look at the formation of contracts – how best to include what you need and how to understand your counterparty’s needs. And we will look at how to protect your position if things go wrong - if you want to make a claim or terminate the charter; what happens if your counterparty wants to do so – how to manage dispute resolution effectively; understanding your strengths and weaknesses, settlement, strategies, mediation and if all else fails, arbitration or Court.


By attending this course, the attendees will learn about:
• Analyse potential problems and potential solutions during charter party negotiations – the points to insist on and the points to avoid
• Master the strategies on how to deal with problems during the charter party – short-term (delays, cargo problems, hire payment problems) and long-term (early redelivery, termination)
• Gain insights into the most important legal decisions of the last 40 years - and why they matter now
• Learn key litigation and arbitration strategies and tactics - working with counterparties, arbitrators and courts
• Equip with the know-how of when and how to negotiate commercial settlement
• Understand and learn how to control the costs of litigation and expense


• Ship owners
• Ship operators
• Ship managers
• Charterers
• Cargo shippers and receivers
• Representatives of ports and terminals
• P&I Clubs and other insurance companies or guarantors of the contract parties.
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