Dynamic Management for Dynamic Positioning

Kuala Lumpur | 9th – 11th April 2018


Management plays a very important role in the performance and safe running of high value DP platforms, which perform very special and intricate operations in a trying environment. It is important that the management thoroughly understands the various facets and nuances of DP to ensure efficient and safe working of these vessels. They also need to understand the intricate environment in which DP bridge personnel perform their duty, which by nature is monotonous. DP system is a boon to the offshore industry, with a high degree of reliability which allows the vessels to perform complicated tasks with precision. DP is simple to operate but it is one of the most intricate systems at sea, which requires very good operator understanding and alertness on desk. A simple equipment failure, operating error or lack of alertness can cause a disaster of great magnitude. Managers also need to have knowledge of DP rules, regulations and charterer’s demands/requirements to be able to provide requisite support to maximise the output of these platforms. In a nutshell; the management ashore needs to be on the same page as staff onboard. Therefore, they need to have good understanding of DP in its correct perspective, its demand and support requirements for crew to perform their function safely and efficiently at sea.
The workshop will cover the essential basics of DP, the importance of reference systems, significance of DP class and the related redundancy of each class, the need for proper FMEA, trials, audits and maintenance, all of which have a profound effect on ensuring safe operation and optimum exploitation of a DP vessel. The discussions will include safe DP practices and bridge team management which are important to increase safety of DP operations. Similarly, the DP incident analysis also is an important tool to learn lessons and improve safety. IMCA analysis will be discussed for the benefit of the participants during the workshop. Apart from recent developments in DP training, participants would gain insight into ways the competency of DPOs, who are the back bone of DP operations at sea, can be improved. Emphasis will be placed on practical aspects of operations based on the experience of the course facilitator to make this three day workshop a meaningful and essential learning experience.


• Understanding DP in its correct perspective
• Reference systems and their significance in DP
• Significance of Sensors in DP
• Governing rules and regulations of DP
• Group discussions on efficient and safe exploitation of DP
• Why FMEA is important and how it can be used for optimum exploitation of DP
• The importance of Trials and Audits in DP
• Maintenance ethos to avoid breakdowns
• Lessons we need to learn from DP Incidents
• How to make DPOs more competent
• Evolving Scenario of DP Training
• New trends in DP
• Management aspects of DP


This workshop is designed for management personnel on shore, who may or may not be trained DP operators but are managing DP ships offshore.
• Operations Managers
• Marine Operations Managers
• Marine Superintendents
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