Masterclass on Ship Sale and Purchase Agreements

Singapore | 5th – 6th December 2018


Sale and purchase law is a highly specialised branch of maritime law. Problems can arise out of the blue, very often in a tight window of a few days before the ship is due to be delivered and paid for. It is vital to understand the problem immediately in order to deal with it effectively. It is also vital to understand the strategic distinction between problems that arise before delivery and claims which can be brought afterwards. Recent revisions to the NSF have changed the way that several of these issues should be approached.
The Norwegian Saleform has long been the standard industry contract for the sale and purchase of second-hand cargo ships. It is used all over the world on a daily basis. But like all basic blueprints it has changed and evolved over the years to accommodate new problems and changing commercial practices. Recent revisions - the 1983 form, 1987, 1993 and 2012 - have subtly but significantly altered the basic positions of sellers and buyers - their rights and obligations before delivery and the crucial position at the moment of delivery. This two-day masterclass will go through the current Saleform clause by clause, analysing typical problems and stand-offs which arise and which often require immediate decisions on crucial points.


• Analyse potential problems and strategies required that will arise before delivery under NSF and after delivery
• Master the strategies on how to deal with problems, on the spot and if the deal breaks down
• Gain insights into the most important cases of the last 40 years - and why they matter now
• Learn key litigation and arbitration strategies and tactics - working with counterparties, arbitrators and courts
• Equip with the know-how of when and how to negotiate commercial settlement
• Understand and learn how to control the costs of litigation


Lawyers, in-house Counsel, ship operators, brokers, finance houses, banks and all those involved in the sale, purchase, finance and escrow arrangements for the sale and purchase of secondhand ships. Teachers, students and prospective students of maritime law interested in sale and purchase issues.
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