FSUs and FSRUs have been the standard assets that enable access to LNG in new markets. As many of these countries do not yet have established infrastructure and, may initially require low volumes of gas, the cost of obtaining gas through a conventional infrastructure is considered uneconomical.
“Between 2014 and 2017, 80% of new LNG importing countries will select FSRUs as the choice for their first LNG importing terminal. It is now estimated that the number of LNG importing regions will jump from 36 at the end of 2015 to 96 by 2025”. (source: Wood Mackenzie)
The Course will provide delegates with an overview to compare and contrast the purpose of design, construction, and operation of the FRSU. The Cargo Management Cycle from source to domestic delivery will be examined in the context of both environmental and national advantage.
Delegates will have the opportunity to critically examine on-board cargo systems and review the advances being made in safe carriage, containment, and environmental considerations for safe operations. New technologies will be examined and explained, including the rationale for further developments. Delegates involved with the management and administration of FRSUs, LNGCs and gas cargoes will gain beneficial knowledge of conceptual practices including considerations of out-turn and commercial awareness.


Delegates will be able to recognize and understand:
• The Purpose and commercial impact of an FRSU
• Variation and types of FRSU including standards
• Key Operational components and construction of an FRSU
• STS operations and cross deck supply including operational safety
• The LNG cargo to Regas cycle including safe operational considerations
• The commercial impact of REGAS.
• The management of risk and developmental options for FRSUs


Sea Staff
• Masters
• Chief Officers
• Chief Engineers
• Marine Engineers
• Deck Officers
• Electrical Officers
Shore Based Operational Staff
• Ship Operators & Operational Managers
• Safety and Security Officers
• Ship Marine & Technical Superintendents
• Charterers
• Ship Brokers
• Port and Terminal Supervisors
• Marine Insurance Surveyors and Representatives
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