The ship superintendent is a key member of a shipping company’s management team. He/she is a pivotal link between the ship and company management team having to deal with different nationalities and competencies.
This three-day course is aimed at those who are intending to become ship superintendents with ship owning and ship management companies. It will be relevant to masters, chief engineers and senior officers intending to leave the sea to take up a shoreside role. It is also intended for those already in a superintendent’s role who wish to expand their knowledge of the subject.
The objective is that those completing the course will be able to ‘hit the ground running’ when they take up a position within a ship management company. The course will be presented in PowerPoint format with video material where appropriate. There will be Q&A sessions at the end of each day.


• Be aware of where ship management fits into the shipping industry
• Learn more about ship management
• Learn where the ship superintendent fits into the shipping industry
• Learn where the ship superintendent fits into ship management
• Be familiarised with working relationships with those with whom he will come into contact.
• Gain a comprehensive understanding of the role of the ship superintendent
• Realise how important the ship superintendent is to the smooth operations of a shipping company
• Understand the need for legal and regulatory requirements in shipping and relevant organisations
• Learn the difference between, and the roles of, the various types of ship superintendent
• Learn how to compile an annual budget and docking budget
• Understand the importance of planned maintenance
• Learn how to handle the media in emergency situations
• Be able to hit the ground running when coming ashore to take up the position of ship superintendent


It is intended for experienced superintendents or people who wish to expand their knowledge and understanding of superintendents’ roles.

• Ship Superintendents and Managers
• General Managers
• Operations Manager
• Technical Managers
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