The aim of this course is to provide participants with underpinning knowledge in order for them to understand the importance of safe planning and use of suitable lifting equipment and accessories, understanding the role and responsibility of the Lifting Team. By attending this course, participants will be able to identify safe systems of work for lifting operations.

It is designed to give Directors/Management and Supervisors a more in-depth technical aspect of rigging and lifting operations, it focuses on the relevant legislation and regulations, the planning and risk assessment process within their area of Operations.

Providing a clear understanding to ensure they are equipped to provide their workforce with a better/smoother and safer working environment for lifting operations.


• Understand relevant legislation and best practices to lifting operations
• Identify common unsafe practices and probable consequences
• Understand and Identify any training requirements for your employees
• Identify the need for safe use of suitable lifting equipment and accessories
• Understand how to implement a Safer working environment for Lifting Operations saving your company time and expense


• Lift Supervisor
• Rigging Supervisor
• Lifting Engineer
• Transport & Lifting Supervisor
• HSE Manager/Supervisor/Engineer
• Construction Manager/Supervisor
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