Led by a highly experienced Marine Engineer and facilitator for both Foreign flagged Statutory bodies and Marine Insurers and Underwriters worldwide, this course provides delegates an in-depth understanding of approaches to maritime engineering, analysis and formal procedures required when confronted in the Marine Engineering field and significant marine losses including Cargo, Ship Fire, Ship Machinery and Collision.
The course demonstrates the current ineffectiveness and cost to businesses that do not equip themselves with the technical procedures and resources to manage marine engineering, failures and incidents in a maritime environment. The content of the course is designed with maritime organisations, insurers and government agencies in mind.
Participants will be taken through the detail and aspects of marine engineering. So, the primary emphasis of this course is on both preventative and reactive measures. Case studies are also provided.
The trainer uses factual case studies and exercises along the way to cement participants’ newly acquired skills and help them apply them to real situations. Equally as important, a look at the mind-set of the marine engineer is given through the discussion of inspection reports, thus giving participants an additional boost in anticipating potential problems and correcting them beforehand.


▶ Master the strategies necessary for effective marine engineering
▶ Equip lead individuals and response teams with techniques, procedures and resources to manage marine engineering investigations in a maritime environment
▶ Attendees learn the real value to your business of physical and documentary evidence regarding marine insurance claims
▶ Manage response to crisis events through clear, defined and concise lines of investigation, responsibility, communication and action
▶ Ensure compliance to legislation and audit requirements to maintain business continuity
▶ Staff will be able to Protect your business image by avoiding serious disastrous and hazardous accidents and effective marine engineering investigation techniques
▶ Individuals will be resourced with the key, reliable and accurate technical information that alows you to make better more informed business decisions


• Ship/all commercial vessel Insurers and underwriters
• Ship Superintendents
• Ship/barges/tug Owners
• OSV, Salvage and Installation Companies
• Salvage operators
• New employees wishing to operate in Salvage operations
• Prospective (salvage vessel) Deck Hands/Crew
• Maritime Safety Government Agencies
• Cargo underwriters
• Break Bulk Cargo
• Port Authorities
• Maritime Law Specialists and rms
• Freight Forwarders Cargo - Marine
• All Cargo and Insurance Brokers
• Marine Claims managers
• Containerised freight and logistics providers
• Professional Marine Investigators
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