This is a brand new two-days training course for the marine fuel market, which introduces bunker risk management best practice to delegates by teaching analytical approaches and hedging skills. The trainer(s) will share a host of practical tools that will help a business reduce and manage its risk whilst improving profit in its inventory and supply chain.

Those wishing to learn the fundamentals of fuel oil trading or understand the interaction between fuel oil and the bunker industry will find this course ideal. In addition, the course should be considered essential for anyone entering or recently new to the bunker industry in terms of buying, selling, trading, broking or the service industry. Institutions currently involved in financial aspects of bunker and fuel oil activities would also benefit from the comprehensive coverage of this course.


• By learning how to manage price bunker risks using specific tools that are available to you in the market, participants will add a new layer to their business skill-set
• Overview of the marine fuels market (pricing hubs, clearing collateral)
• Gaining insights into various risk dimensions in oil markets
• Getting acquainted with important environmental issues and their impact on oil markets
• Understanding energy price behaviors
• Understanding bunker credit risks
• Achieving Risk management aims and goals
• Learning and applying cutting edge Hedging methods and techniques


• Bunker Credit Managers
• Heads of Trading Teams
• Regional Sales Directors
• Finance Executives within fuel buying organisations
• Brokers
• Bunker traders
• Charterers
• Fuel suppliers
• Shipowners/operators
• Classification societies
• Insurers
• Maritime lawyers
• Ports and harbour authorities
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