This three-day course provides delegates an in-depth understanding of approaches to maritime engineering, analysis and formal procedures required when confronted in the Marine Engineering field and significant marine losses including Cargo, Ship Fire, Ship Machinery and Collision.

This course is designed to enhance the knowledge and concepts of marine engineering for those in the vessel, offshore and shipping industry that are in non-technical professional and hold soft skills in the industry; or those requiring a more advanced level of understanding. It will benefit those who require greater understanding of marine engineering principles. Participants will learn new technological marine engineering concepts, engineering and the procurement, maintenance and reliability techniques of new and improved marine engineering assets.

This course also demonstrates the current ineffectiveness and cost to businesses that do not equip themselves with the technical procedures and resources to manage marine engineering, failures and incidents in a maritime environment. It also provides instructions regarding all engineering and mechanical components, mechanical wear down, piston and bearing failures, exhaust and valves, engine checklists, engine vulnerabilities and the internal mechanics of combustion engines and its components.


• Identify cost effective maintenance strategies based on a detailed understanding of an asset's functional requirements, performance standards and conditions of use
• Ensure that the required levels of safety and in-service availability are achieved at minimal cost
• Have the skill base and project experience in applying maintenance of ships
• Understand the derivation of functional definitions and performance standards
• Master the analysis of source data to identify trends and failure characteristics
• Adapt their strategies and practices around the constraints due to a lack of understanding between engineers and non-engineering professionals or technical staff
• Improve their delivery and knowledge
• Increase efficiency and reduce costs
• Achieve objectives through accurate, analysis and control
• Enhance your marine engineering team’s knowledge base


This course will benefit those with a background in, or a limited understanding of marine engineering principles and knowledge.
• Business Development Managers
• Commercial Managers
• Fleet Managers
• Marketing Managers
• Non-Technical Engineers and Professionals
• Operation Managers
• QHSE Managers
• Quality Assurance Managers
• Technical Managers
• All Cargo and Insurance Brokers
• Cargo Underwriters
• Maritime Law Specialists and Firms
• Maritime Safety Government Agencies
• OSV, Salvage and Installation Companies
• Port Authorities and Operators
• Salvage Operators
• Ship Owners, Operators and Managers
• Ship/All Commercial Vessel Insurers and Underwriters
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