A unique opportunity to expand your knowledge about potential oil cargo losses and their causes in marine oil movements. Lack of understanding of complexities of oil cargo measurement, sampling, marine custody transfer procedures could mean the difference between your deal’s profit or loss. If proper checks and balances are not kept at each stage of the oil movement resulting in cargo loss, claims would become difficult to resolve amicably leading to expensive litigation.
This three-day masterclass in petroleum loss control will provide you an in-depth understanding of the potential losses you could face during oil transportation with focus on understanding and determining the source of loss and steps to take in order to mitigate such losses. You will be guided through complexities of oil measurement and sampling techniques, oil cargo calculations including VEF and OBQ/ROB calculations and analysing the voyage (VAR/VSRR) with the opportunity to hone these skills in an interactive workshop environment.
This advanced course is a great opportunity for you to analyse losses in oil movement at a greater depth giving more time to specific difficult areas. It has been designed for participants that have some prior industry experience and knowledge and who wish to broaden their knowledge of this litigious area in oil movements.


• Expand your knowledge of potential losses in oil movements, recognizing and minimizing such losses
• Learn about various best practices and global standards used in oil measurement
• Understand the procedures used in measurement and sampling of oil cargo
• Secure understanding of oil cargo calculations including calculations of VEF and OBQ/ROB
• Become skilled at Voyage Analysis and Reconciliation of oil cargoes
• Analyze oil cargo claims, determine magnitude of loss and ways to recober the loss
• Consider contracts for oil transportation, Ship Owner’s defenses and obligations & cargo retention clauses
• Examine dispute resolution mechanisms, Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration


Charterers, Ship Owners, Claims Executives, Loss Prevention staff, Risk Managers, Traders, Brokers, Ship/Terminal staff, Operation Managers, Logistics Managers, Scheculers, Field staff, Maritime Lawyers and anyone else working in the oil transportation business who wish to expand their knowledge about petroleum loss control in maritime oil transportation.
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