Signing the contract is just the beginning. Many organizations fail to realize the potential from their complex business relationships and high-dollar contracts and projects. Learn how the experts implement and manage contracts to ensure best performance, thereby adding value to the deal and increasing the chances of seamless follow-on opportunity. You’ll understand the relationship between “project management” and “contract management” and get insights to practices and approaches followed by leading international corporations. Explore specific techniques to turn potentially risky change requests into negotiating and profit improvement opportunities. You’ll also discuss advanced risk management, the handling and performance of third parties, and contract closeout. Master the skills you need to manage complex agreements effectively while protecting and enhancing your customer relationships.


• Learn advanced contract implementation and management techniques
• Understand how to handle and negotiate changes
• Develop advanced risk management skills
• Improve control and management of third parties
• Learn about contract management project office roles and the commercial contribution throughout the life of the contract
• Discover performance tracking and measurement techniques that increase control and safeguard customer satisfaction


• Contract and Commercial Professionals and Managers
• Purchasing Managers and Professionals
• Program and Project Managers
• Senior Administrative Professionals and Managers
• Attorneys and Lawyers
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