Workshop Overview

This 3-day Master class workshop will provide participants with technical approaches to Cargo and Containers in the shipping industry. Including investigation, analysis and formal procedures required when confronted with signi¬ficant marine losses - Cargo. The course encompasses tools and procedures that can be utilised both in preventative and reactive circumstances.

This course is led by a Marine Engineering facilitator with over 20 years of experience in Marine Engineering, advising Cargo Handling and Safety to PMA’s and Statutory Bodies, Coronial Inquests and (Foreign Going) marine cargo Insurers worldwide. Participants will have the opportunity to learn the primary and strategic management practices and explore them in depth through hands on exercises.

Thorough this course we will provide you a powerful tool that not only prevents your organisation from signifi¬cant losses, damages and personal injury. It will protect your business continuity, corporate reputation and image. This course is highly recommended for all marine professionals involved in commercial shipping activities, cargo handling freight handling and Foreign Going Import and Export Cargo Insurers worldwide.

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Key Benefits of Attending

  • To provide an introduction to Containers - Planning and Procedures of Containerised Cargo.
  • Become familiar with the safety aspects related to Cargo Freight management in the Shipping Industry.
  • To handle and inspect containerised cargo and equipment properly.
  • Equip individuals and response teams with techniques, procedures and resources to handle Containers.
  • Manage operations through clear, defined and concise lines of responsibility, communication and action.
  • To instil personnel with knowledge sufficient to enable them to work safely and efficiently
  • Give personnel knowledge of the design, scope of work and especially of the safety aspects related to Containerisation Cargo
  • Ensure compliance to PMA, Customs and IMO legislation and audit requirements to maintain business continuity.
  • Staff will be able to PROTECT your business image by avoiding severe damages, serious disastrous and hazardous accidents and effective operation.
  • Individuals will be RESOURCED with the key and reliable knowledge and information that allows you to effect seamless operations without incident or loss of Containerised Cargo related damages.
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Who Should Attend

  • Ship Container Owners and Operators
  • Cargo insurers
  • Container insurers
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Port authorities
  • Containerized Freight & Logistics Providers
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