Workshop Overview

Oil and gas installations both onshore as well as offshore are often being built in modules and components on a different location than the location where those facilities are erected. The ocean transportation is often not adequately accounted for. The constructions are exposed to high motion when carried on a modules carrier or general purpose ship.

The motions should be based on motions response calculations and not on rules of the thumb especially now the carriers are becoming larger and larger the sea behavior of the ships are more severe and consequently the loads on the constructions.

FPSO's are designed for their main function but built at a yard far from the working location, towage is an important factor. The units must be prepared for the mobilization from and to the working location.

The course will address all issues related to transport and the effect on the design such as:

  1. loads
  2. fatigue
  3. internal sea fastening
  4. design for transport.
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Key Benefits of Attending:

Delegates will be able to gain knowledge of:

  • Learn how to adequately take ocean transportation into account;
  • How to deal with economy of scale resulting in bigger ships with worse motion response;
  • Learn about Rules of the thumb versus usage of motions response calculations;
  • Learn how to prepare units for mobilization;
  • Get an overview of all type ships available for special and heavy transport;
  • Recognize in an early stage the possibilities without going to the transport market;
  • Learn how to enable the attendants to prepare transport inquiries assuring most economical freight;
  • Learn about improving overall economics;
  • Learn about improving overall safety.
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Why You Should Attend

  • To ensure that your workshop objectives are met, this program is developed after intensive and extensive research within the industry and the trainer’s long time professional and practical experience in the field.
  • Application and implementation of industry experience and knowledge are the drivers for our course design, not theoretical academic lectures.
  • This training focuses on practical interactive learning and techniques including case studies, group discussions, scenarios, practical exercises during the course.
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Who Should Attend

The target audience/job titles to industry, ie. EPC companies, oil and gas operators, design companies, shipbuilders, marine offshore companies and offshore transportation companies.

Job titles include but are not limit to:

  • Design engineers
  • Installation managers
  • Project managers
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