Workshop Overview

This 3-day workshop will take those with assets and installations responsibilities and duties through mitigation strategies to protect their organisation against attacks. Attendees will learn the approach in assessing and managing risks that could lead to disruption to their organisations. This workshop also teaches how to evaluate the capability to response rapidly to an incident and quickly recover operations.

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Key Benefits of Attending

  • Design infrastructure that are protected against discrete and well-defined threats
  • Minimise organisation’s vulnerabilities, reduce threat to a tolerable limit and make it difficult if not impossible for the threat to materialise
  • Respond effectively in a crisis and to restore normalcy rapidly
  • Implement proactive measures to secure physical infrastructures
  • Enhance the safety and security of your organisation’s system
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Who Should Attend

Personnel with Assets, Installations and critical infrastructure responsibilities from the following sectors:

  • Aviation
  • Embassies of foreign governments
  • Government agencies
  • Maritime and shipping
  • Oil and gas infrastructure
  • Plant and public utilities
  • Power station
  • Security and defence
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Transportation