Workshop Overview

The course will comprise six half day sessions broken down into the above aspects of Marine Cargo surveying. It is intended to help those establishing themselves as a MCS. Experienced marine cargo surveyors who may be lacking experience in some areas may also find the course useful. There are many pitfalls which can confront a cargo surveyor. It is the hope of the presenter that by attending this course you will be aware of many of them before they become a reality.

The workshop will be ideal for those who wish to expand their knowledge of cargoes carried by sea, possible damage sustained and its prevention together with damage investigations and analysis techniques.. The course content and depth will be adjusted to the ability and experience of those attending.

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Key Benefits of Attending

By attending this course, the attendees will learn about:

  • The legal aspects of marine cargo surveying
  • The different types of cargoes and their hazards
  • Modes of transportation
  • Surveying tools
  • The role and duties of the cargo surveyor with respect to the different types of survey
  • Relationships with other surveyors
  • Resolution of claims
  • Reporting
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Who Should Attend

A must-do course for those intending to enter the marine cargo specialisation of the marine surveying profession with much additional and useful information for existing marine cargo surveyors.

  • Marine Surveyors aiming to be Marine Cargo Surveyors, Marine Cargo Underwriters and Brokers
  • Those dealing with marine cargo surveyors on a regular basis
  • Those involved in heavy lift and delayed start-up projects
  • Technical, operations and logistics supervisors working in the transport of cargoes
  • Insurance assessors, P & I underwriters, brokers and claims handlers wanting to broaden their marine cargo knowledge