The TMSA was introduced within the tanker industry as it was identified that there were significant inconsistencies with the application of the ISM code throughout the industry. This led to OCIMF developing the Tanker Management Self-Assessment designed to bridge this gap and at the same time provide Companies with guidance to develop a sound Safety Management System.
To be effective, a management system needs to be much more than just procedures. The company leadership/management should define the company’s values and aspirations and detail how the company intends to achieve the objectives of their stated policies. Management should provide adequate resources to ensure that the vessels are properly managed, crewed, operated and maintained. The management system should also include procedures which ensure that incidents and near misses are investigated to determine root causes, so that corrective and preventative actions can be implemented. There should be systems in place to analyse risk to ensure exposure to risk is considered at every level of management.
TMSA contains all of these elements and provides a structure to assist owners and operators to assess the effectiveness of their own safety management system with suitable tools; so as to measure and improve aspects identified as being sub-standard or weak. The first edition of TMSA was originally intended for tankers of more than 500 GT, since those ships were subject to the requirements of the 1974 SOLAS Convention, and therefore the ISM Code. Four years of experience and comprehensive feedback from the oil industry brought about the publication of TMSA 2 in 2008. TMSA 2 was updated to widen its application to all tank vessels, irrespective of size. The third edition of TMSA (TMSA 3) was introduced in April 2017. TMSA 3 revised and updated all of the twelve existing elements and introduced a thirteenth – ‘Maritime Security’.
This course will provide an in-depth understanding of the TMSA which has enormous potential for operators of all vessel types and will identify how safety management can be improved by implementing key performance indicators, backed up by examples of industry best practice.


• Familiarisation with the TMSA
• Preparation for OCIMF member Company assessments
• Helping Companies to improve their Safety and Quality Management System
• Guidance to Companies to maintain a well-run fleet of vessels with clear procedures and support
• Learning to work with TMSA as a continuous improvement tool


This course will be beneficial for Superintendents, Managers and Senior Managers involved with Marine operations, Technical, HSE and Crewing. It is also recommended for junior management to get familiarisation with the TMSA and management systems. Job titles include:

• Technical Managers
• Technical Superintendents
• Marine Managers
• Marine Superintendents
• Crewing Managers (Ship and Shore-Based)
• Crewing Department Assistants
• DPAs
• HSE Managers / QHSE Managers
• HSE Superintendents / QHSE Superintendents
• QA Managers
• QA Superintendents
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