In the past two decades, Operations Risk Management has been increasingly pushed into the foreground by the work and the requirements of international standard setting bodies. Through various recommendations as well as specific covenants, operational risk management has become merely a compliance issue facing most corporations.

Implementing an effective Operational Risk Management regimen is a complex process. At its core is an understanding of what Operations Risk is and how it can be best managed. All too often firms have seen the need to effectively manage their operational risks as simply an issue of complying with what the regulators require, rather than a disciplined process that serves to not only ensure a business’s survival but which can, in the long run, contribute to that business’s financial fortune.

In this two-day intensive course, we survey the full ambit of Operations Risk Management & Mitigation – from assessment to implementation. During this course we set out a number of key actions which need to be taken by management in the short and medium term to be ready for implementation of a proper risk management program. It is intended to move the participants beyond the local and international compliance requirements for operations risk, and into an understanding of operations risk management and mitigation as a value-added proposition, increasing the organization’s profitability and structural strength.


By the end of the training, participants will:
• Have a clear understanding of operations risk management & mitigation, and how to use this knowledge to manage their own functions more effectively
• Have a clear understanding of the all the critical risk issues and how these are identified and managed Have a comprehensive understanding of the implementation process
• Be able to use a structured approach to Risk Management


This course has been designed as a primer for executives, senior staff and management from all sectors, specifically but not exclusively:
• Compliance
• Credit Risk Management
• Enterprise Risk Management
• Market Risk Management
• Operational Risk Management
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