The Liquefied Gas Transport Industry is expanding faster than many other sectors of Shipping, despite the worldwide financial depression. Gas as an energy source is gradually replacing oil, coal and other hydrocarbons, as a cleaner fuel. Salaries in the Gas Sector are higher than other Energy Sectors, mainly because of the worldwide shortage of trained technical staff. The Liquefied Gas Tanker Course will reduce the “Fear Factor” for new entrants and enhance the knowledge of those already in the Gas Industry. This Course meets the IMO STCW Training Requirements for Officers and Engineers working in the Liquefied Gas Tanker industry.
The Course also provides useful knowledge in the Design, Build, Operation and Inspection of Liquefied Gas Tankers. It will explain the different types of liquefied gas cargoes that are carried on ships. The course will enable participants to gain knowledge on safe practices when handling gas cargoes. Application of legislation and guidelines for the safe transportation of gas cargoes will be clarified. Chemical and physical properties of the gas cargoes will be explained, along with hazards when dealing with these cargoes. Operations, including re-liquefaction will be explained. Non-seafarers who are involved in the management and administration of Gas Ships and gas cargoes will gain from the knowledge of working practices on board ship.


▶ Understand why Liquified Gas is transported on Ships
▶ Differentiate between types of Gas Carriers
▶ Understand the relevant IMO Regulations and Industry Guidelines
▶ Understand the safe handling, loading and discharging of Liquefied Gas Cargoes
▶ Understand the design and layout of Gas Carriers
▶ Learn how to safely operate and inspect Gas Carriers
▶ Understand the Ship Building of Gas Carriers


Master, Chief Officer, Chief Engineer, Safety Officers, Ship Superintendents, Operations Team.
Ship Owners, Ship Operators, Ship Managers, Ship Charterers, Ship Brokers, Port and Terminal Operators, P&I Club and Marine Insurance.
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