This 3-day intensive course will equip you with a detailed practical grounding of advanced STS/FSRU and LNG transfer operations. You will learn the practical tools and techniques that can be utilized to manage risk more effectively and make better, safer and more practical decisions while handling.


• Reinforce knowledge about LNGC/STS and FSRU operations that are carried out in accordance with all relevant international maritime legislation, local regulations, and industry best practices.
• Evaluate the different procedures and factors affecting cost of the operation
• Ensure overall safety for any STS/FSRU operation on the use of correct size and number of fenders and certified tested hoses.
• Become familiar with LNG vessels, operations and LNG STS/FSRU equipment
• Enhance understanding of Ship-to-Ship/FSRU transfer equipment, design, maintenance - and training methods for STS.
• Familiarize the differences of Person in Overall Advisory Control, Mooring Master and Master of the Ship for STS/FSRU
• Establish a useful methodology in reducing risk
• Understanding environmental challenges
• Recognize and understand differences in operations and hazards between oil and gas vessels.
• Understand requirements for LNG vessel compatibility, FSRU and Optimoor studies and follow an LNG spill response case study


• Ship Owners and Managers
• Offshore Vessel and FPSO Owners and Operators
• Oil Majors, NOCs and Independents
• Ship Superintendents and Safety Officers
• Ship Officers and Crews
• FSRU and Loading and Mooring Masters
• STS Service Providers
• LNGC and LNG FSRU Liquid Cargo and Bunker Surveyors
• Ports and Terminal Operators
• P&I Inspectors and Executives
• LNG FSRU Owners, Managers, Operators
• Company Assurance Managers and Superintendents
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