Refinery Optimization: Economics and Process Excellence

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 26th - 28th September 2017


This course will guide participates to develop key concepts and techniques for the refining of petroleum processes and economics. These key concepts can be utilised to make operating decisions that can improve unit’s performance.

Many aspects of petroleum refining operations and management can be improved through product recoveries, purities and energy utilisation, and safety. This cannot be achieved without first a thorough understanding of the fundamental principles of design and operation. These principles need to be understood in advance of operation in order for problem solving to be effective.

This course focuses on the core building blocks of the refining process systems, equipment and economics. This programme emphasizes refining process unit operation fundamentals, safe utilisation of these fundamentals by operations and maintenance personnel, and equipment troubleshooting techniques.


Upon completion of this training, you will be able to:
• Gain a thorough understanding of the refinery operations, processes and economics
• Understand the characteristics of crude oil and other raw materials, their importance to modern refineries and effects on quality
• Understand key refineries processes, critical product quality and blending methodology
• Perform economic analysis for refining feeds, products for capital and operating costs
• Optimisation framework for refinery
• Statistical Process Control
• Determination of marginal values of feeds and products based on optimisation and its applications


This training will be relevant to those involved in making day to day decisions regarding operation, design, and economics of processing plants:
• Operation Supervisors
• Maintenance Supervisors
• Senior Plant Supervisors
• Operations Engineers
• Process Support Engineers
From the petroleum industry involved in refinery design or refinery planning, or in engineering and consultancy companies servicing the industry.
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