Naval Architechture for Non-Navel Architects

Singapore | 15th - 16th February 2017


The course Naval Architecture for Non-naval Architects teaches participants the basics of Naval Architecture. Participants will be taught by Mr A.J. Bos MSc. MBA Eur. Ing., a respected authority in the field of offshore transport engineering and shipbuilding. Mr Bos is director of HMC and vice-president of the DNV working group Heavy transport and lift. Besides facilitating several courses, Mr Bos also provides guest lectures at maritime colleges and universities. Rather than textbooks, firsthand practical experience and references of Mr Bos will support the participants to understand the basics of Naval architecture.


Naval Architecture for Non-naval Architects is all about learning and understanding the basic techniques and knowledge of naval architecture. The course enables you to be successful within the maritime industry.


This course is suitable for a wide audience. Especially those who need or want to gain more knowledge of the shipbuilding process, but do not have to be a fulltime shipbuilder. E.g.:
• Non-technical staff who want to gain a better understanding of Naval Architecture and the shipbuilding industry
• Technical professionals in other disciplines who want to work in the maritime industry
• Those who regularly have contact with shipping companies, ship owners and shipyards will benefit from this course
• Staff working in maritime companies who want or need basic knowledge of naval architecture.
Job title includes but not limited to:
• Field Managers
• Marine Operations Managers
• Marine Superintendents
• Marine Supervisors
• Marine Representative
• Offshore Installation Managers
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